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this guy needs a home quick!

This is Barney.

He is around 8 months old. We adopted him today for free from a woman out in the South End that said her husband "bought him from someone that said he was a full blooded pit bull but now he won't even mess with him."

The woman said the dog has always been kept outdoors and the most her husband would do was "throw him some food". She was willing to give him away to anyone regardless of their intentions it seemed to me because my initial e mail to her was "I'll take him." and she responded with her address and when I could pick him up. When we got there I asked a lot of questions, since we cannot keep him and just wanted to save him from going to a shitty home or become as I've heard it put 'a disposable sparring partner for another Pit Bull" he needs a home QUICK!

Barney is an 8 month old unaltered male Pit Bull. I'm not sure if he is pure however, he looks like a mix to me. The original owner said she saw his parents and they were both Pit Bulls. I have no idea who the person that bred them is.

He was given his shots as a puppy but has had zero shots or vet visits since. His skin was a little fly bitten on his ears, but other than that his skin and fur are in great shape. He does not have fleas. He needs a bath but other than that his eyes/ears/and teeth are PERFECT.

Before today his name was Big Boy, but now it is Barney. Also, he is NOT registered in Louisville Ky or anywhere for that matter.

His ears and tail are natural. He is not tattooed or chipped.

Barney was eating some really generic dog food but we're feeding him Professional dry kibble. (in the dark green bag, I can't remember what flavor that is, our boxer and mixed breed eat it and love it)

Barney lived previously with a mother, a father, and a kid. The dog seemed to love the kid.. hence his slight 'jumping issue'. The mother said the dog was good with her son and the only time he really barked was when he saw other dogs or heard a lot of other dogs in the neighborhood barking.

It seems to me he is good with kids 10 and up, and would probably need to be an only dog. He LOVES being outside running around. He was scared to come into the house at first but he REALLY enjoyed his car ride and didn't have any motion sickness issues.

I do not think he is house trained but we've began the 'sit' (for sitting), 'down' (for when he jumps on people), 'let's go potty' (for going outside if he is inside) commands and we have been called him Barney all day.

He is a little shy around new people but once they touch him he is good to go.

We fed him a small bowl of dry food and while he was eating my husband put his hand in his food and the dog did not react at all, he just kept eating. We took the food away from him and he just looked at us, he didn't growl, bark, jump, or get excited.

He doesn't seem to be the best on a leash however. I'm not sure he's ever really been on a walk. He changes direction quickly but doesn't really pull you along.

He seems to be a fairly quiet dog, he whined a little (for like 2 seconds) when my husband left the room but most of the day we sat at the kitchen table and Barney wound himself around our legs and licked our hands, wagged his tail non-stop and just wanted to be hugged and petted and kissed.

He doesn't have any issues with a person touching his ears or face, chin, underbelly, tail or feet like some dogs do. He let me put my face right up against his and make funny noises and kiss him. He never nipped at me or seemed upset about it. He loves to cuddle and will get in your lap and lay down if you let him.

He is VERY energetic though. He would probably like to go running with someone. This is not a small apartment dog!

Basically, he seems well tempered but needy affectionate-wise. He would need a backyard probably or someone to take him on many walks often.
Okay with older kids (10 and up) but I think he would need to be an only dog but I'm not sure yet.

Here are some pictures of him....

If you want to meet him or ask questions e mail me at and I will send you my phone number. My name is Ella.

Also, We'll give you his collar (red), his leash (red) and that dog house in the picture. (it's needs to be washed.

Thank you. Please pass the word along about this doggie.
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